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1 enlarge or increase; "The recent speech of the PLO chairman augmented tensions in the Near East"
2 grow or intensify; "The pressure augmented"

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From augmenter.



  1. To increase, make larger or supplement.
    The money from renting out a spare room can augment a salary.
  2. To slow the tempo or meter, e.g. for a dramatic or stately passage.
  3. To increase an interval by a half step (chromatic semitone).
  4. To increase the largest interval in a triad, especially a fifth or a sixth, by a half-step (chromatic semitone).



  1. In some Indo-European languages, a prefix e- (a- in Sanskrit) indicating a past tense of a verb.

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add to, agent provocateur, aggrandize, aggravate, amplify, annoy, bloat, blow up, boost, broaden, build, build up, bulk, bulk out, compound, crescendo, deepen, deteriorate, develop, dilate, distend, embitter, enhance, enlarge, exacerbate, exalt, exasperate, expand, extend, fatten, fill out, fortify, heat up, heighten, hike, hike up, hot up, huff, increase, inflate, intensify, irritate, jack up, jump up, lengthen, magnify, make acute, make worse, manifold, maximize, mount, multiply, parlay, provoke, puff, puff up, pump, pump up, put up, pyramid, raise, rarefy, recruit, reinforce, rise, sharpen, sour, strengthen, stretch, sufflate, supplement, swell, thicken, up, upsurge, wax, widen, worsen
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